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Workshops at A One Man Army

€80 Performance: This lecture provides a thorough look at how employees can improve. It will examine the mental aspects that employees need to improve, the skills necessary for certain games, and what to focus on in certain games. This will be given from the viewpoint of a top coach.


€80 Coaching an Esports Team and Leadership Qualities: Coaching is like leading a team in a company; each player is different, and not every methodology is applicable to every team. Therefore, a coach must be flexible. A coach must notice where someone needs help and how to communicate that information as effectively as possible. During this lecture, some of our coaches will explain how they work. Topics that can be discussed include how the role distribution works in a team, how players keep their cool, and how the players' skills are improved.

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€80 Workshop Social Media Tactics: Many companies see social media as a necessity rather than an opportunity. Social media is a powerful tool to reach a target audience, and everyone nowadays has a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. For an esports team like A One Man Army, this is core business. This lecture explains how to effectively approach this on a professional and personal level.

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€80 Healthy Gaming / Nutrition and Its Benefits Many people assume that gaming is very unhealthy and bad for you. During this lecture, there will be an explanation of how gaming can be done in a healthy way and what benefits it has. Nutrition will also be discussed. Just like football athletes, pro gamers need to stay fit. Eating junk food every day and not exercising does not fit in this regard.

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