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About Us

A Passion for Esports and gaming

A One Man Army is a professional Esports and gaming organisation established in 2020.


It started with the founder and CEO Gil "Baelakor" Lieveld. His passion and love for gaming began with The Legend of Zelda. Here the journey started and evolved into a positive and competitive Esports period in World of Warcraft. There a guild was created and the name A One Man Army aka AOMA Esports was born.

This was only the beginning of the drive and fire our organization has to reach the top!


Now with over 40 top level athletes in 6 games and an AOMA Esports gaming facility, stationed in The Netherlands, A One Man Army is constantly striving to take the next step to our goal.


We will reach the top! Sooner or later!

Watch us...

AOMA Esports
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