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You've arrived at the keep, HR Intern. Or perhaps you resonate more with titles such as Talent Tamer, People's Paladin, or Staff Sage? Pick your banner. Just remember, you'll be stitching it yourself. After all, A One Man Army embraces a culture of taking the initiative.


From the bustling marketplaces of recruitment to the council halls of employee engagement, you're our guide through the labyrinth of human resources. You're the nurturing force that turns our gaming stronghold from a mere gathering of individuals into a well-oiled, united front.


Can you attract talent as easily as honey attracts bees? Good. Do you have the diplomacy to resolve conflicts before they even ignite? Even better. Got a diploma? That's nice, but not essential. What we're after is your human touch, your "Let's make this place a haven for everyone" spirit, and your wit to add a dash of humor to our day-to-day interactions.


Experience with HR tools? Excellent. Familiarity with employment laws? Impressive. Can you tell a joke in English and not report it to HR afterwards? You're on your way. Show us that you can turn a team into a family, and you might just become the guardian we need.


So, are you ready to become the heart and soul of a vibrant esports team, saving us from discord and disunity at every turn? Are you up for making passionate gamers question how they ever got along without you?


If that's a confident "Absolutely", then step up. Send us your resume and a brief motivation. We're excited to meet the next protector of our ranks.

How To Apply:

Either give us a call on +31638313555

Or send an e-mail to

We're looking forward to your application to join the Army

How long/ many hours

Time-period: at least 3 months starting from September

28h/ week

If you have any specific requests regarding the duration or your start date, please mention them in your application.

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