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So, you fancy yourself the Sales Marketing Intern, or do you lean more towards the Deal Slayer, the Commerce Crusader, or the Engagement Empress? Choose your name. But be ready to craft it yourself, as in A One Man Army, we embrace the hands-on approach.


From the battlefield of customer acquisition to the grand strategy of brand positioning, you are the war chief guiding us through the rugged landscape of sales and marketing. You are the charismatic voice that can turn our esports team from a humble offering into a must-have for every esports aficionado and our partners.


Do you have the knack for sniffing out new markets? Excellent. Can you create engaging campaigns that would make even a mCon-fan pull out its wallet? Fantastic. Got a diploma? Cool, but not crucial. What we want is your cunning market insight, your "Let's conquer the world, one deal at a time" spirit, and your humor to keep us smiling through the ups and downs.


Got skills in digital marketing tools? Great. Experience with CRM systems? Even better. Can you tell a joke in English and Dutch? You're almost in. Show us that you can turn a mere audience into a legion of die-hard fans, and you might just become the commander we're seeking.


So, are you prepared to be the tactical genius for an up-and-coming esports team, continuously leading us to new victories in the marketplace? Are you ready to make hardcore gamers wonder how they ever had sponsors on their shirt without you?


If that's a resounding "Yes", then it's your move. Send your resume and a brief motivation. We can't wait to meet the latest strategist in our ranks.

How To Apply:

Either give us a call on +31638313555

Or send an e-mail to

We're looking forward to your application to join the Army

How long/ many hours

Time-period: at least 3 months starting from September

28h/ week

If you have any specific requests regarding the duration or your start date, please mention them in your application.

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