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Intern Graphic Design, Illustrator Gladiator or Master of Pixel Chaos; put your favorite title on your business card. You'll have to design it yourself anyway. Because of course, you're going to be crafting everything visually at A One Man Army.


You're the visual heart that keeps our esports team vibrant, the glue between our image and the outside world, the brushstroke between victory and defeat... You welcome new challenges with a sketchbook and manage the visual identity and creative resources of the team like a vigilant watchdog. You see design opportunities where others only see pixels. You remember the smallest details and forget the sleepless nights. You're responsible enough to handle a loose, creative atmosphere. 


You've got a diploma. Or not (yet). Doesn't matter to us. A practically thinking head on your shoulders and that 'come on, where's the action?' approach of yours is exactly why we need you. 


You're skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, you've worked with Procreate before, and you can tell a joke in Dutch and English. A bad one. If you know how to create a new page in Wordpress, let’s talk anyway.


Every single day, you save a young, kick-ass esports team in the Netherlands from looking bad. A team of hardworking gamers who will soon wonder how they ever managed without you. Because you, you make us look good.


How To Apply:

Either give us a call on +31638313555

Or send an e-mail to

We're looking forward to your application to join the Army

How long/ many hours

Time-period: at least 3 months starting from September

28h/ week

If you have any specific requests regarding the duration or your start date, please mention them in your application.

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