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Here’s your keyboard, IT Intern - or perhaps you’d rather be the Code Conqueror, Byte Commander, or the Tech Whisperer? It’s your call. You're the one to hammer out that title, because that's the kind of DIY spirit we're looking for at A One Man Army.


From the labyrinth of network cables to the treacherous terrain of error logs, you are the beacon of sanity amidst the bits and bytes of our esports operation. You are the enigmatic figure who spins chaos into order, transforming our gaming digital jungle into a streamlined symphony of systems.


Are you able to troubleshoot faster than lightning strikes? Good. Can you tame the wild beast that is the ever-updating software? Superb. A diploma is nice, but not required. What we need is your digital know-how, your "Let's bring order to this digital madness, shall we?" mentality, and your sense of humor when the code hits the fan.


Fluency in the language of machines? Excellent. Experience with debugging? Better still. Capacity to deliver a joke in English? You're almost there. Prove to us that you can turn a technological tempest into a sea of serenity, and you could be the wizard we're seeking.


Are you ready to be the tech messiah for a young and vibrant esports team, saving us from the brink of digital disaster day after day? Are you prepared to make die-hard gamers ask how they ever managed to game with more than 60 FPS without you?


If you're saying "Challenge accepted", then take the leap. Send us your resume and a short motivation. We're eager to meet the next tech virtuoso of our team.

How To Apply:

Either give us a call on +31638313555

Or send an e-mail to

We're looking forward to your application to join the Army

How long/ many hours

Time-period: at least 3 months starting from September

28h/ week

If you have any specific requests regarding the duration or your start date, please mention them in your application.

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