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We provide partners with the option of a custom tailored social media campaign. A way to reach an audience that is looking for brands to align with on a personal level.

Through events we empower each other, giving you the opportunity to join us and meet our fans and enthousiasts. Looking for something else? We also provide company game days, business focussed (esports) lectures and AI classes.

We have different ways to provide what you're looking for in a partnership and we're always continually improving and evolving what we do.Looking for something with a more personal touch? Join us at our "Strategic Table" to discuss possibilities.

Our Valorant Roster

We're proud to announce our Valorant roster!

val roster.jpg
Roster ESLOL 2024.jpg

Elite Series Roster

A One Man Army has this amazing League of Legends army

battle ready for Elite Series!

We are going to conquer the Prime League!

Prime League
League of Legends

Prime Roster Feb 24.jpg

A One Man Army sees the importance in esports education

and plans to be a big part of it. 

A One Man Army Lectures


The army also visits many events,

 Come meet us!

A One Man Army 



Valorant Roster
LoL Rosters
SSM Roster
Rocket League Roster
Overwatch Roster
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