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Small introduction to the ARMY

A Passion for Esports and gaming

Welcome to A One Man Army, where passion, drive, and ambition come together to create a winning team. As the CEO, Gil "Baelakor" Lieveld leads the charge towards our ultimate mission: to conquer the world and become the absolute number one Esports team on the planet.


At A One Man Army, we're more than just a team - we're a community of gamers who are dedicated to pushing the limits of what's possible in the Esports world. Whether we're competing in high-stakes tournaments or collaborating on new strategies, our shared passion for gaming is what drives us forward.


Our team is made up of some of the most talented and committed gamers from around the globe, all united in our quest for Esports dominance. With a relentless drive to improve, we constantly push ourselves to be the best we can be - and to achieve greatness on behalf of our fans.


We're ready to take on the world - and to win. Join us on this epic journey today!


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Our General, Gil "Bealakor" Lieveld founded A One Man Army in 2020. The logo representing a human in the form of the letters, with the triangle showing our three core pillars that form the foundation of our business. Back when our General competed in World of Warcraft, he claimed 4 titles in the span of 2 years. This is when the fire of passion ignited within him to take over the world of esports with his own team; A One Man Army.

Our Team


Our Battlefields

Our Recent Accomplishments


  • Secured a spot in the Playoffs for Division 1 in the Benelux league, showcasing our dedication and skill in competitive gaming.

  • Strengthened our League of Legends team by expanding our coaching staff, ensuring top-notch strategy and gameplay.

  • One of our Overwatch players is currently in the United States, fine-tuning their skills to take our performance to new heights.

  • Venturing into Prime League, the German, Swiss & Austrian League of Legends Esports Division, for an exciting new challenge.

  • Welcomed a highly skilled Rocket League coach and potential new team members, adding more firepower to our ranks.

  • Proudly introduced a new Overwatch roster, bolstering our presence in the esports community.


  • Underwent a dynamic rebranding, embracing a military-style theme that perfectly complements our name, A One Man Army.

  • Fortified our partnership with Red Bull, setting the stage for even greater collaborative achievements.

  • Appointed a seasoned COO, Martijn van der Craats, with a rich background from Team Liquid, to lead our business operations.

  • Local events have gained substantial traction, and we're continuously exploring new opportunities to engage with our community.

  • Engaging in discussions with a range of exciting companies, with the aim of creating groundbreaking projects that leave a lasting impact.


  • Expanded our Content Creator team over the past 7 months, fostering creativity and innovation in content production. Hosted two highly successful editions of StreamFest, with the second edition drawing an astounding tenfold increase in viewership.

  • Committed to education, we've had the privilege of delivering engaging lectures at various schools in our vicinity.

  • Shared memorable experiences with the community at events like Heroes Made in Asia, GameForce BE, and GameForce NL, in collaboration with Unlocked.

Our Content Creators

Age Range Target Audience: 20-30 years old

Total live Views: 12.466 viewers/month

Total Hours streamed: 357 Hours/month

The growth of our socials
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Content Creators

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Content creators

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Facility & Selfhosted Events

Community Engagement

We engage with our fans and fellow esports enthousiasts through three methods. Local events, online events and visiting events. We host our own events in Zoetermeer and the region with our event, Enter the world of esports.

We also help local munincipality's with their events, most recently Stadsfeest 2040, where we opened The Fortress to the public to come and game. Online, we host StreamFest, an event with our Content Creators and partners focussed on building and meeting our community online.

Last but not least, we also visit big events where our target audience goes to. Events like Made in Asia, GameForce, EsportsX and the EGG Informational Event.

Esport Education

A One Man Army knows the importance of inspiring the newer generation about esports and tech.
With this in mind A One Man Army reaches out to a variety of schools to support the next generation in their education.
We give multiple lectures on the Highschool of Amsterdam, ROC (Regional education Centre) and some other local schools in Zoetermeer, about esport business and AI.

Besides teaching the new generation, we also value the importance of our player's mental health and wellbeing. We do this via our Performance Coach that instructs and keeps track of our players well being. He advices them to look beyond their esports career, giving them a different perspective on their future and making sure they are prepared for what comes after.

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The esport market:

Passionate esports community, favourable business environment, significant growth

Thriving ecosystem with professional leagues, tournaments, and a strong presence of top tier esports organizations.

29.8 million viewers in 2022, $4,5 billion investment in 2018, $1,8 billion revenue

The benelux:

In europe:


Opportunities for you in you in the Benelux esports market

Collaborate with A One Man Army for branding exposure

Leverage A One Man Army’s popularity and engagement to reach your target audience

Go to events with A One Man Army, showcasing your brand

Engage with a hard to reach target audience through modern media

Local and international content creators to promote your products or services

Cutting edge esports knowledge to improve your workflow

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Why Our Partners Benefit

We provide partners with the option of a custom tailored social media campaign. A way to reach an audience that is looking for brands to align with on a personal level. Through events we empower each other, giving you the opportunity to join us and meet our fans and enthousiasts. Looking for something else? We also provide company game days, business focussed (esports) lectures and AI classes. We have different ways to provide what you're looking for in a partnership and we're always continually improving and evolving what we do.Looking for something with a more personal touch? Join us at our "Strategic Table" to discuss possibilities.

Our Partners

Why Do You Benefit

  • Different activations for the team

  • Company outings organized by AOMA

  • Custom tailored Social Media Campaigns

  • Recruitment geared towards relevant target audiences through different channels