Content creators

MrFrankinator aka Frank Geurts is 18 Years Old and currently Living in the Netherlands. he is a streamer and gamer with the desire to provide his audience with a unique time using Humor and incredible Fortnite game play. Qualifying for multiple tournaments, primarily as a Solo player. MrFrankinator is an unstoppable force and you should expect to see him competing at a world wide level under the AOMA Banner

One of Old School Runescape’s Deadlist Pk’ers is dusting off the rust and resurrecting his Twitch community. But don’t let the “Oldschool” throw you off. Nothing about Deathd0tt99 is anything but Oldschool. Also competing in Call of Duty and a cheeky IRL cooking stream here and there. Deathd0tt99 has a generous combination of Quality Gaming content as well as a streamer to viewer connection. We at AOMA know he is an excellent addition to this increasingly growing franchise.

A true legend of the Hearthstone Arena. MrFrusko is hearthstone player specialized on the arena. This worldwide arena player is always top ranked due to his very strong tactical and adaptation skill.

Hailmary is from Groningen, The Netherlands. He is a Fortnite streamer who can be found on Youtube and Twitch. His content shows a variation of competitive and social play within Fortnite.

Are you looking for a good laugh and awesome entertainment? Then Terra is your man! This Belgian streamer is a Grandmaster ranked Overwatch player and always up for a joke or some fun during his streams. You can catch him on Twitch!

Nhil is a very solid all round Overwatch streamer from Belgium. He can play every role and is a player with a strong leading capacity. With his strategic insight, he can lead the game to victory!